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I am not your typical 20 year old. I was privileged to grow up within a circle of the most influential people in It Works!. For almost 10 years I watched the opportunity It Works! provided that not only changed my family’s life but so many others. After graduating high school I did what society said I was supposed to do, and I started college full time. It was the year I was there when reality sunk in and the potential I had with It Works! outweighed the idea of time spent on a degree that may or may not allow me the lifestyle I knew possible. I decided traveling the world to build a business, owning my own time, and experiencing personal growth was way more fun and worth a risk. So, I put college on hold and decided to give It Works! my full attention and see where it would take me. Today I have been able to experience so much adventure in my life traveling the world and making money doing it. I am super excited to introduce you to a product I believe can help so many people my age and beyond become debt free like me. The products I represent have become my true passion! Now I am back in school at my own pace to develop my knowledge of health and wellness as I continue to market myself, my products and my dreams. Could you imagine being able to graduate debt free? Or being able to have extra money at the end of every month? How about paying off your car? How about just being your own boss not having to go into work every day on top of all your classes? With It Works! they are all possible! I am so passionate about all of our products and I can’t wait to help be a part of changing your life!



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